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AnnekaRice @BedfordBootBoy I know, confusing. But then, everything is at the moment
AnnekaRice Bloody hell, this is a week of change. There is a new #IsleofWight hovercraft. Ramps, seat belts, Caribbean music, safety announcements.
AnnekaRice @philpopemusic We've been tangoed up the Okavango 🎧. I'll be playing this on Radio2 v shortly...
AnnekaRice @philpopemusic Bloody brilliant! What rhymes with Okavango? Quango. Fiasco. (Mango)
AnnekaRice @philpopemusic Ha! I feel a song coming on ...
AnnekaRice @JeffPaffett Been a quiet old week
AnnekaRice A friend of mine has been up the Okavango returning today. No internet since last Thursday!😖
AnnekaRice British politics is doing the Hokey Cokey. It's exhausting. Suggestions for new song please?
AnnekaRice @MikeHoxard Isle of Wight
AnnekaRice Today's work station
AnnekaRice I've just tried this and am now inA&E
AnnekaRice Marcus Willis just won a game against Federer. A game. Hysteria in the crowd. Eddie the Eagle has risen again
AnnekaRice What an unholy mess. Everything.
AnnekaRice My work station today
AnnekaRice Feel quite emotional that my three sons will be in that crowd somewhere
AnnekaRice Michael Eavis you legend! #Glasto2016
AnnekaRice @Henriettagraham I know! Drawing a blank 😟
AnnekaRice Barry Gibb and Coldplay? An odd conscious coupling. But growing on me
AnnekaRice @cjvs1954 Disaster!
AnnekaRice Recommend Wight Mermaids Gin. Will be getting thru a lot of this on my painting odyssey this week. #isleofwight
AnnekaRice ELO currently on@bbcradio2 #Glastonbury #MrBlueSky
AnnekaRice @jojomoyes I look pregnant more or less the whole time at the moment
AnnekaRice Everything crossed for Wales. GOOD LUCK BOYS
AnnekaRice Shit. Painting in the sitting room not a great idea
AnnekaRice @DavehLFC84 @BBCRadio2 @ChrisBraisher We are the People - Empire of the Sun
AnnekaRice Morning all! In festival mode? We're about to press go @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice I'm turning in now. See you bright and early @BBCRadio2 6-8am #breakfast #ricicles
AnnekaRice 'Did they have deodorant in the 1980s?' #Gogglesprogs