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AnnekaRice @SamPsyk Cheeky to ask, but Gypsy planned for NTLive??(before I spend £200 on tickets)
AnnekaRice Heading up to @Hamps_Theatre shortly for the #PageToStage festival. Inspirational speakers and workshops all weekend
AnnekaRice Morning all @BBCRadio2. Hope you're enjoying the show so far. Let's face it, can only get better??
AnnekaRice @SamPsyk You're there!
AnnekaRice Always a good moment when the @NGSOpenGardens #yellowbook arrives
AnnekaRice Does that mean Benadict Cumberbatch, newly discovered as 3rd cousin slightly removed from #RichardIII, is more or less our King now?
AnnekaRice Congratulations everyone @ntlive #ViewFromABridge. Stunning, compelling, what a privilege to see that close up in a cinema 10 mins from home
AnnekaRice @MaireadyMurray Are you back from Marrakesh? Am at the Olympic for #ViewFromTheBridge.
AnnekaRice I'm ready! '@ntlive: 30 minutes! Cameras are all fired up and ready to go for @youngvictheatre #AViewfromtheBridge...
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair ooh jealous you're just starting it. I've just had a staycation reading week and kicked off with #TheKindness. Loved it
AnnekaRice @nazihunteralan Where can I get these?
AnnekaRice Can't wait for this tomorrow. Book to see in your local cinema - @ntlive broadcasts @youngvictheatre's acclaimed #AViewfromtheBridge.
AnnekaRice @EmmaKennedy Or anyone really
AnnekaRice Had a Specsaver moment, got up at 6 instead of 8. But I'd have missed this
AnnekaRice Thanks for unearthing this @RGhayora. Must stock up on Carling Black Label for old times' sake
AnnekaRice RT @gregpearson_: @AnnekaRice just came over all nostalgic, warm and fluffy watching Treasure Hunt! Simply had to tell! Thank you.
AnnekaRice The Richard111 carpark thing is annoying me. Talk about one rule for the royals. Why didn't he get towed away?
AnnekaRice @susieboyt Can i suggest you leave the eggs and take me instead?
AnnekaRice Aw, good times RT“@editordoug: @AnnekaRice Look what I found in a box of old paperwork from 1988!
AnnekaRice Be still my beating heart ..
AnnekaRice @ThatSimonRowley Yes, all going very well thank you! Who needs Marrakesh!
AnnekaRice Engrossed by rugby, roaring log, bottle of red
AnnekaRice @alanagr Love this!
AnnekaRice @cupcakeskindy @BBCRadio2 It is chocolate and I ate the whole lot! it was as big as my head.
AnnekaRice If anyone should be up at 6am tomorrow please join me @BBCRadio2. Seems an age since last week. Where are we now? as Bowie might say
AnnekaRice Another great day painting Lidia #lifedrawing
AnnekaRice My friend Emma has just left this tray of sticky toffee date pudding on my doorstep. Like I've just had a baby