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AnnekaRice @mattivx RUDE i'm so sorry😂
AnnekaRice @RDAnational @BBCRadio2 @wormwoodpony @clarebalding @MentornMedia I have a copy if Mentorn can't help
AnnekaRice @davesixtyfive44 @sheardypants @AmyMRoche Good luck to one and all today!
AnnekaRice @RDAnational @NBakerParaRider @BBCRadio2 @wormwoodpony @clarebalding I'd live to come and visit to celebrate 21 years! When?
AnnekaRice Early start tomorrow, please join me for music, chat, coffee @BBCRadio2 6-8am. Hope Hugh Janus doesn't text in again. Night
AnnekaRice @BConvention @bbcyoungdancer Thank you! That K makes a big difference. The melting butter with marmite thought was slightly distracting
AnnekaRice How didn't I know about crumping? This is insanely brilliant @bbcyoungdancer #BBCYoungDancer
AnnekaRice On now #BBCYoungDancer, BBC4, mesmerising and inspiring.
AnnekaRice @henpickednet No benefits at all. I nearly died
AnnekaRice @claretustain Gulp, it was
AnnekaRice What I call a crab sandwich #isleofwight
AnnekaRice @WalesCymru94 Thanks for blast of nostalgia. Not the face I'm waking up to this morning!
AnnekaRice I'm out already!! But worth the shock. Tomorrow will be better.
AnnekaRice Just about to plunge in, start of sea swimming season #bracing
AnnekaRice @HargreaveasBri Cats I think. Have put down an anti-cat gel and pansies happy again
AnnekaRice It's not overwatering, most of the pots are fine. Could it be a cat, pigeon? What to do? I really can't stay out all night with a shot gun
AnnekaRice Help, my beautiful pansies have been flattened?? What's going on and how do I stop whatever it is?
AnnekaRice RT @Sarsbars89: Hi @AnnekaRice could I get a RT for the @GenesisCinema POETRY SLAM ELECTION EDITION on 5th May? FREE tickets here! http://t…
AnnekaRice @Jonic The one the size of a small block of flats? Yes.
AnnekaRice @brtoon If only ....
AnnekaRice Got the Lycra on today for @Standup2C
AnnekaRice To my HORROR I think #Pokdark has a look of a young Tony Blair. How to clear my head of this nightmare? Was so happy up till just now
AnnekaRice RT @DorisDeals: Manager of care agency is currently at my flat on @AnnekaRice style challenge collecting stuff to bring to hospital. Going …
AnnekaRice Amazing crop art being done in Japan on a massive scale with thousands of different varieties of rice plants
AnnekaRice @Luma_in_Barnes Ooh,I'll come and look!
AnnekaRice Waiting for news all week so frantic displacement activity. Garden painted and planted, anyone need any jobs done?
AnnekaRice Artists, found a great use for old canvas -as a plant tray. From boot of car to garden, no mud, unsightly leakages
AnnekaRice @ThatSimonRowley I agree, I can't stop listening either