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AnnekaRice @tiffanygraves4 @HackneyEmpire @BBCRadio2 Fantastic. See you there!
AnnekaRice Oreo picnic option
AnnekaRice @PaddysMum2003 Give it another week?
AnnekaRice I've woken up with a warm feeling about #TopGear. I'm in
AnnekaRice @Sebsiedo Top marks for your holiday cottage! I've never met anyone who's played it. Does it make any sense at all?
AnnekaRice Can't wait for #gogglebox next week #TopGear
AnnekaRice Matt's car in last film was basically the Challenge Anneka buggy! Nearly fell off chair when it drove up the ramp into the truck #TopGear
AnnekaRice @Therasa78 We'll carry on though cos we're loyal to the BBC. I just put on a load of washing during the last film #multitasking
AnnekaRice I like Sabine a lot #TopGear
AnnekaRice Good luck to all @BBC_TopGear Catching the wave of excitement.. I'm a #TopGear Virgin so no comparisons from me. Ps - Is it a clothes show?
AnnekaRice Sails beyond a wild meadow today #IsleofWight
AnnekaRice If you're off to Chelsea today go and marvel at the knitted poppies, preferably with a Chelsea Pensioner in tow
AnnekaRice Text us on 88291 if you fancy a chat and a tune
AnnekaRice Imagine now playing @BBCRadio2 . Getting us into a zen mood for the show. Hope you're joining us this morning
AnnekaRice @finishmetea chargrilled under blade fillet steak
AnnekaRice @andrmeldr Might need a small crane to lift me into the studio
AnnekaRice @Choir_NHS @Sarahpain7 It's easy to join in. Breakfast show @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice My day in food. Started healthy. Ended in an orgy of calories. Number 3 my favourite. Lying down now.
AnnekaRice @Sarahpain7 @Choir_NHS Looking forward to you joining us tomorrow morning. You are officially a #Ricicle
AnnekaRice RT @suziperry: @LouiseMarshall6 @piratejw @TiggyWalker @mrmichaelball @AnnekaRice thankyou for a wonderful and enlightening evening X
AnnekaRice It was a great eve. Inspiring families and fine singing from @Choir_NHS
AnnekaRice @MillieFawcett_ Ha, yes! Think Abba won
AnnekaRice I'm overwhelmed by the Wednesday news. I've gone to bed with #chelseaflowershow and a sausage roll
AnnekaRice When did it become Wednesday? Shit.
AnnekaRice @JustWatkins Did you see these from Orwell's 1984 notebook?