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AnnekaRice Just watched @richardWilson62's documentary about Samuel Beckett. Powerful, moving, was transfixed by actors' performances and stories
AnnekaRice @peterholdaway @BBCRadio2 Ha! My Producer didn't realise till too late..
AnnekaRice Have over 6 broadcast hours to fill @BBCEdFest in a couple of weeks. Hot tips please #FrankieHowerd
AnnekaRice @skippy988 @bbcradio2 Haha, i agree, worth a tutorial.. my producer had brain freeze
AnnekaRice @vorlon1812 THRILLING!!!!!!
AnnekaRice Morning! We're about to do this thing @bbcradio2
AnnekaRice @Treemonkey1975 yes! Nostalgic to be back. Used to be in the choir back in the day
AnnekaRice Having a lovely day filming with @BrianTurnerChef. Trousers spattered, in a garlicky way
AnnekaRice RT @BBCEdFest: Apply for tickets to @AnnekaRice's Edinburgh @BBCArts showcase before 10pm tonight
AnnekaRice Am devastated about the killing of #CecilTheLion. Please watch his Youtube films if you don't know him already. And support @BornFreeAfrica
AnnekaRice @nanamoreton What's going on! We're on an enforced diet!
AnnekaRice Really pissed off about the Cornetto. It's lost about an inch. Barely had time to lick before the crunching. I demand a rebite.
AnnekaRice @rickymarshall You were right. I was robbed! #Pointless
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair You're right. I'm on it ... You'll be receiving necklace shortly
AnnekaRice Lunch, good enough to paint
AnnekaRice A stunner of an evening sky
AnnekaRice On the hovercraft today and unexpectedly caught up in #AmericasCup. Hundreds of boats watching. We just ploughed through the lot #timetable
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair @BBCRadio2 okay, nightie, no cat, but good book and moisturiser on my feet like thick cream
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair I've just done the Bteakfast Show @BBCRadio2 in sparkly hot pants and 7 inch heels.
AnnekaRice @gaz112 it was ridiculously impossible!
AnnekaRice Just about to press 'ON AIR'
AnnekaRice Bird tucking into Full English and much stronger, in its temp home on kitchen table. Drops of arnica and rescue remedy helped last night
AnnekaRice Pleased to report the injured bird is sitting up with fresh strawberries and a worm
AnnekaRice Any more complicated bird activity today and I'm phoning the Hitchcock estate #callmeTippi
AnnekaRice Now there's a robin trapped in our conservatory grape vine. What the hell is going on today?
AnnekaRice @SilentRunningAV .. the bird, not me
AnnekaRice @SilentRunningAV This is v helpful. We have decided to cover it with some leaves and let nature take its course as v broken
AnnekaRice Argh, what do I do. Tiny injured bird in the garden, heart still beating but very broken wing. Does nature take its course or do I intervene
AnnekaRice @moleman_ I think of little else, so thank you