Anneka Rice (Official Website)
AnnekaRice 'Thank you, like, oh my God' #GBBOFinal
AnnekaRice Andrew's parents VERY proud of their lawn #stripes #GBBOFinal
AnnekaRice I'm still rooting for Val #GBBOFinal
AnnekaRice Someone - anyone - give Andrew a hand for God's sake. The boy's demoralised #GBBOFinal
AnnekaRice Blimey Andrew! #GBBOFinal
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 Yes great thanks, painting madly for an exhibition. You?
AnnekaRice @eliistender10 ABOUT TIME! How did that happen?
AnnekaRice @outonbluesix @BBCRadio2 You're welcome!
AnnekaRice @ian262 any sense at all
AnnekaRice What does it for you? That's what I want to know this morning? @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice @Aggerscricket @BBCRadio2 well how very lovely to know you're out there!
AnnekaRice Sorry to shout but IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? #breakfastmeansbreakfast @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice This is indeed long but worth a read
AnnekaRice @SimonNRicketts This has cheered me up considerably
AnnekaRice RT @TonyHatchMusic: Welcome @AnnekaRice - yes, new to Twitter today! Thanks for following #Twitternewbie
AnnekaRice @TonyHatchMusic I'm your first follower! I'm thrilled.
AnnekaRice And this from @TheHollyJohnson. What an eve. And did I mention Gary Barlow? Night.
AnnekaRice The utterly amazing @PetulaClarkHQ @VarietyGB Great night - @BBCRadio2 got a special award
AnnekaRice RT @lily_travers: Attention all animal/cinema lovers:- Virginia McKenna's Born Free, 19:00 Sun 23rd Oct, Channel 4. @willtravers @BFFoundat
AnnekaRice @temple_barbara that's great news. I approached my local community centre who are affiliated with Help the Aged. #befriending
AnnekaRice @medicatedfollow It's a great 11 min workout 3 x on spot intensely for 30 secs, rest for 1 min, repeat 7 more times
AnnekaRice @RicePile Sometimes is!
AnnekaRice Virginia McKenna is a true heroine of our times.She gave up a huge film career to set up #BornFree and has never stopped. I love her
AnnekaRice Just lovely to spend the pm with Virginia McKenna and her family and team, celebrating new doc to be shown @Channel4
AnnekaRice Ha! You nicked my shoes