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AnnekaRice Devo Max sounds like a mysterious update on my computer - or the dress code to a party I'll never be invited to
AnnekaRice Knew this teddy knitted by a Treasure Hunt fan 30 years ago would find its place in life @BBCRadio4 #knittingday
AnnekaRice @HelenJMacdonald Just finished H is for Hawk. It was compelling,couldn't put it down. Good luck @CostaBookAwards on Tuesday.
AnnekaRice RT @ThatSimonRowley: @AnnekaRice me marking the spot where you landed in Cambridge on a #treasurehunt in 1983. Note my arms as rotablades! …
AnnekaRice Really regret emptying contents of kitchen cupboards onto kitchen floor. Seemed such a good idea an hour ago. Bugger
AnnekaRice @dawarwick @FiSHHelpBarnes You'll be fine if you go through an established charity like @ageuk. Good luck
AnnekaRice So pleased to hear that @dawarwick. I'm involved with a local service @FiSHHelpBarnes but there are befriending organisations everywhere
AnnekaRice Just googled why rubbing your head when you've crashed it against your bed post makes it feel better. Hmm, interesting.
AnnekaRice @gaz112 Riddle back next week!
AnnekaRice RT @stalkerbruce: Great way to start the day by talking to tv legend @AnnekaRice on @BBCRadio2 to play the feature 4 play and pick a tune o…
AnnekaRice @Kejal1 Why????
AnnekaRice We're in danger of going live in a few minutes @BBCRadio2. think I'm awake. Are you? If so, why??
AnnekaRice Tune into BBC4 and Sound of Song. Brilliant series @NeilKBrand, this week - the magnetic tape revolution
AnnekaRice @gaz112 Yes, but I haven't worn them since SCHOOL
AnnekaRice The best thing to happen to me this year has been the discovery of the knee length sock
AnnekaRice Really enjoyed Treasure Island @NTLive_rus. @PatsyFerran was an inspired Jim Hawkins.
AnnekaRice @BenitoHepton @Haytche ooh good ingredients. Suggest opening a bottle and thinking about it
AnnekaRice Lovely day in painting studio with #MaggiHambling class. 2 minute poses sharpen the eye
AnnekaRice Loved #WolfHall. Mark Rylance's stillness was spellbinding. So adored the books I thought I'd be critical, but all good on the Tudor front
AnnekaRice Now settling in for @RoundhouseLDN live streaming of ORFEO. This Arts lark is exhausting
AnnekaRice @steviejonsmith Ah, that explains the magnetic pull towards a carb
AnnekaRice Everything I've eaten today is a carb #
AnnekaRice City of Angels @DonmarWarehouse dazzling.Rushed off with wet nail varnish on my toes but worth the carnage in my socks #spontaneousmatinee
AnnekaRice @alan_darbyshire @DonmarWarehouse Got a couple! V excited, no helicopter involved
AnnekaRice @DonmarWarehouse ooh yes please, I'll call
AnnekaRice “@guardiannews: Brian Blessed collapses on stage playing King Lear - then returns to finish show”u Crikey
AnnekaRice Lovely model, glass of wine, warm studio. Just packing up to be ready 100% for #Broadchurch
AnnekaRice “@sdonline: @AnnekaRice How cheerful you all look when tucking in to ice lollies!!”. Ah, good times
AnnekaRice @Alan_Measles My breath is bated ..
AnnekaRice RT @guardiannews: James Blunt attacks ‘classist gimp’ Chris Bryant over diversity comments