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AnnekaRice Okay, so we've managed to get to Saturday. Let's crack on with the weekend @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice But WIDE AWAKE now watching #DavidBowie BBC4
AnnekaRice Don't know about you but I'm knackered.
AnnekaRice @Dai_Speed No time! Heading back to do show tomorrow @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice Scarborough Beach today very lovely
AnnekaRice Just arrived in Scarborough. My cab driver insisted on taking me to see the sea. I am charmed by him and the town.
AnnekaRice @jorobertsonuk Duh, bit late now. I'm on train to Scarborough ...
AnnekaRice @Dads_Ace YES. Excited
AnnekaRice 'I believe it was June before I needed blue' Absorbing #Imagine @BBCiPlayer #Georgia O'Keeffe
AnnekaRice @rob_baggies Thanks. I'm heading to Scarborough this week to do some filming and just wondered.Half the time I have no idea where I've been
AnnekaRice @kev81kstar Wow, good knowledge. I had no idea!
AnnekaRice Random, but does anyone know if we went to Scarborough on a Treasure Hunt?
AnnekaRice @onebiggins @jennyeclair Dream Team! A Good Read
AnnekaRice @jennyeclair Yes, it's shown on Imagine, how she made it. Really beautiful. I must go and see it
AnnekaRice Just caught up with Imagine #corneliaparker about how she's recreated the Psycho house for the @metmuseum Great programme. She's amazing.
AnnekaRice @cpray86 don't worry, haven't forgotten
AnnekaRice @Yamenchen You are indeed a tad late ..
AnnekaRice @Bj49BerylGBARMY Finished it. Really enjoyed it. Now reading The Return by Hisham Matar
AnnekaRice Morning has broken.
AnnekaRice Loving BBC4 doc about Beach Boys, Pet Sounds album
AnnekaRice @JaAAScarborough I'm looking forward to the visit
AnnekaRice Summer reading lined up ready to go
AnnekaRice @clnauthor Morning!
AnnekaRice Tho I meant the terrible news from Munich ...
AnnekaRice Night all. Join me tomorrow 6-8am @BBCRadio2 . Sobering news to go to sleep on ..
AnnekaRice This is definitely worth seeing. A theatrical coup de foudre
AnnekaRice @devicesadesires Amen to that