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AnnekaRice Most touching thing was watching a retired 96 yr old sculptor sketching the 14 yr old boy playing Chopin. Inspiring all round. I was teary
AnnekaRice Took my 91 yr old to concert. Soup and cake while 14 yr old prodigy from St Paul's played piano. #befriending
AnnekaRice @Heatherbo5 She is a force of nature!!
AnnekaRice Lidia is on fire today. She is a phenomenal model for 2 min poses
AnnekaRice @EmmaKennedy Well bloody big enormous fat respect to you
AnnekaRice @EmmaKennedy @BBCNews Me too. (Have you recovered from the weekend)
AnnekaRice Just adore The People's Strictly 💙making me feel v happy
AnnekaRice RT @RGhatora: @AnnekaRice Hey Anneka. I had no idea that there was a #challengeanneka board game. Just found it on @AmazonUK. @BBC http://t…
AnnekaRice My cup runneth over
AnnekaRice Really recommend befriending. Am 2 months in with 91 yr old lady. '@age_uk: Will you be someone for somebody?
AnnekaRice And in other news last night, went to see Maggi Hambling's War Requiem and Aftermath at the Inigo Rooms, Somerset Hse. Brilliant, unusual
AnnekaRice @JoDaviesNotts @MenChocFactory Your mate @michaelxavierUK was unbelievably reasonable.
AnnekaRice Assassins @MenChocFactory is WEIRD, unnerving and disturbing. Loved it. Finishes Sat, sold out obvs, but just saying
AnnekaRice @RGhatora Aw, thank you
AnnekaRice Fantastic eve in Oxford @St_Catz listening to Simon Russell Beale talk Iago and life, followed by delicious dinner with dozens of students
AnnekaRice No inspiration today. My dungarees are better than my painting. You can buy them @Rednoseday
AnnekaRice @GeorgiePorteous it's gorgeous on the beach - first swim must be only a few weeks away??
AnnekaRice RT @ArtyBagger: “@AstroTerry:” Most beautiful Leonard Nimoy tribute ever by space station astronaut Terry Virts.
AnnekaRice @MJDCAM @ThePleasance Thanks so much for this morning. Mad. Never saw you to say goodbye. You deserve that drink now🍻
AnnekaRice RT @MJDCAM: Highlight of my working day today, being @AnnekaRice 's camera op on a treasure hunt around @ThePleasance . Childhood flashback…
AnnekaRice @rednoseday @AnnekaRice @BBCRadio2 will be auctioning these wonderful art dungarees for @comicrelief today
AnnekaRice RT @rednoseday: If ever a man deserved an early morning donation it's @watsoncomedian - 11 hours in to #watson27 now, please txt MARK to 70…
AnnekaRice This is exciting Watch live. I can't wait for my bit @rednoseday after breakfast show @BBCRadio2.
AnnekaRice I am dusting off some lycra for my stint @comicrelief. If you have a lull @watsoncomedian around 6am, come onto breakfast show @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice RT @emmafreud: top tip...bookmark this page - over the next 27hrs you can watch Mark Watson + 100 guests do his liv…
AnnekaRice Or even GOOD LUCK @EmmaKennedy Good Uck sounds too wrong not to correct. See you 9 am tomorrow morning