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AnnekaRice @bbcnickrobinson Children don't hold the purse strings and buy weekly shop of sweets,fizzy drinks, biscuits.Ban should be targeted to adults
AnnekaRice @edwardrussell You charmer!
AnnekaRice RT @invictavan: Just watched @AnnekaRice in this Europe ain't that bad! Coz it's not like this anymore!!!
AnnekaRice That was a surreal morning. Good luck everyone for the rest of the day. Raise lots of money #ICAPCharityDay
AnnekaRice Arrived just as Prince Harry doing his thing #ICAPCharityDay
AnnekaRice So am I! Always a great chance to raise lots of money and the profile of great charities #teamchickenshed
AnnekaRice I have taken to my bed with frozen peas and @johnshuttlewrth on R4 which is surreal, or am I delirious?
AnnekaRice RT @2Ls1T: @AnnekaRice I think you're taking "suffering for your art" a little too literally, Anneka.
AnnekaRice Bloody easel just fell onto my head. Bloody head. And a lump. I'm done with painting. It's bloody lethal
AnnekaRice @ninefor22 Hmmm, leave it with me.
AnnekaRice Swift segue today from 6Music Breakfast to lunchtime concert with my old ladies. Soup,Mozart and carols #befriending
AnnekaRice Now firmly in 1989 thanks to @BBC6Music. Someone's just sent me this. That phone! The Lycra!
AnnekaRice About to go on @BBC6Music to talk about what a great year 1989 is turning out to be ...
AnnekaRice Painting beautiful Lidia today #travelswithmyart h
AnnekaRice Are we all back in the room? That was beyond complicated but @Misskeeleyhawes was compelling and I loved it #themissing
AnnekaRice Here we go #themissing. All will make sense shortly 'snorts'
AnnekaRice Look, Jordan hasn't died, he's just gone back to the hotel. #i'macelebrity
AnnekaRice Excitement building for 4 yr old Tana's nativity play. Can hardly wait
AnnekaRice Leaves falling from our Judas Tree this morning like gentle rain. And the bunting's collapsed. Hello Winter
AnnekaRice @thealexavery @flygirlNHM I'll get back to you on that...
AnnekaRice Biblical. The locusts. What's the point of them? #planetearth2
AnnekaRice Utterly entranced by #planetearth2 for the second time @bbc1. This bird's mating transformation is like a Pixar ani…
AnnekaRice @ElgEmma1 Ah, I see what you mean now. Thought there was an art thing going on ...
AnnekaRice Where's Ruth? #thearchers
AnnekaRice Can't bear it. @JudgeRinderTV looks bereft! #strictly
AnnekaRice Ok, limbering up ready for #Strictly after a great day in Oxford.It was #SuperScienceSaturday at the Museum of Nat…
AnnekaRice @curtisstigers @BBCRadio2 Why hello! Got an acronym for us?
AnnekaRice On Breakfast tomorrow @BBCRadio2,are you JAM? Or JAK,(like me, just about knackered). 6am! I'll be there if I just about manage to wake up