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Anneka Rice (Official Website)
AnnekaRice London looking peachy on way home #marchonlondon https://t.co/cZaBHDjRvw
AnnekaRice Marching for women today @womensmarch https://t.co/7Fto1qbudl
AnnekaRice Been singing along to a song and getting the lyrics wrong? Let us know 88291 @BBCRadio2
AnnekaRice Where the hell was David Attenborough?
AnnekaRice TRUMPTON: Episode 1: Trump Trump Phoney McDump, Kneejerk, Dribble and Grub move into their new house
AnnekaRice Sticks Like Shit has failed us https://t.co/WdLE4tF6Ub
AnnekaRice This eve in the studio.And no, it's not a self-portrait before you offer up the suggestion. I wish! #lifedrawing https://t.co/ERbQeDyySy
AnnekaRice Are there notes for this episode #sherlock 😬
AnnekaRice @blashford haha, occupational hazard. My kids have grown up saying hello to naked strangers in the house …..
AnnekaRice I realise that was an ambiguous tweet. Can I just stress it is not me! Meet Jim - a very wonderful life model
AnnekaRice @IanTompkins2 Wht thank you kindly
AnnekaRice Are we ALL sobbing? #thevoice
AnnekaRice Looking thru diary and saw I had 'sex with strangers' on Feb 2nd. Quite impressed with myself until I remembered new show @Hamps_Theatre 😬
AnnekaRice @RGhatora @Clive_Harris @alanagr @MeanTeam @Thin_As_Lizzy Hope it makes sense...I've never actually played it.
AnnekaRice @al9472 Lovely photo
AnnekaRice If you're in, hope you're watching Bowie on BBC4. Amazing archive material.
AnnekaRice @AlbrightonTrust How exciting. Please email me anneka@bbc.co.uk
AnnekaRice @cajan5 In London, but now just sploshy cold rain
AnnekaRice @JohnJudgeJules Have you tried contact lenses?
AnnekaRice Snowing as I set off to my evening class on Arab Israeli conflict.Slightly (massively) wish I was snuggling up by the fire, bottle of wine.
AnnekaRice @marknew87640275 @VisitIOW Priory Bay. Beautiful
AnnekaRice Best part of the day -getting into the studio and listening to Melvin Bragg @BBCRadio4 https://t.co/IBBm0hxsu7
AnnekaRice I feel I'm watching a Disney film #19KidsandCounting. Any minute now an alien or a dinosaur will eat someone.
AnnekaRice The patients are getting world class care. But the staff and doctors aren't. Brilliant programme #hospital
AnnekaRice So pleased to hear it's still going strong #challengeanneka https://t.co/uzikhfvf8u